How to add a stoploss to an open trade?


I opened a long trade (submitted it, that is) but forgot to put a stoploss.

can it be added now?

anybody knows?




David, enter a new sell to close order, click on stop, enter your price and Bob’s your uncle.

Thanks, Stephen.

it worked ! so simple, so true.

I appreciate your help. :slight_smile:


Good morning Matthew,

It would be extremely helpful to have a STOP button next to the CLOSE and the REVERSE buttons, on the TRADE page, that way we could simply click on that STOP button and enter a price level (example $1.3750) or simply a number (like 50 pips for the forex or $1 for the stock/futures market). A PROFIT TARGET button would be nice too, as some stops and profit targets are dynamic (they must be determined in real time) and cannot be known in advance.