Help with Shutdown button


Recently I try to setup Auto Trading with an Open E Cry Demo account but I made a mistake so I finished clicking the Shutdown button for that system. (I previously have another system in Auto Trading for the same account). Now I can´t see the shutdown button for ANY system that I would like to test, and only see the button for the first system configured previously. It appears that all activity in the account is lost since no trading signals or other things had happend.

Anybody could help me to fix this? Thanks.



I’m a bit confused; I do see a shutdown button in your setup page. You can also shutdown individual systems by clicking on the Delete link that is on each system row.


Thank you for your answer Francis.

When I set up my autotrade for two diferent systems, the page shows 2 shutdown buttons ( I have a demo account but I made a mistake seting up my second system selecting a ‘Live’ accout ). As a newbie, I thought that for every system you would have a shutdown button.

Sorry for the confussion and thank you.