Here is what my trading system can do>

  1. Here is what my trading system can do>

    4. Back testing> reward to risk ration >10 to 1.

    5. Predict the trading range before the open with>90% accuracy.

    6. Have an indicator I call the profit indicator that tells you which stocks or e etf s will make you the most money and what their average % move will be on an average for the last Back testing >96% wins.

    7. 20 days>

    For 5-26-2012>

    Stock profit % actual % move

    Uvxy 16.5 17.7

    Spy 1.49 1.44

    Vix 7.92 7.22

    Gld 1.12 0.73

    Slv 2.22 2.14

    Zsl 4.42 4.74

    Agq 4.37 4.47

    Edz 5.85 5.54

    Fas 5.31 5.59

    Payx 1.52 1.64

    Orly 2.33 2.14

    8. Predict which way spy will go the next day @ 1545 everyday>85% accuracy.

    9. Predict earning direction and what % move the stock will make after earnings>85% accuracy.

    10. Can predict at 1630 every day what % move a etf or stock will make the next day> 75% accuracy.

    11. Can nail a bottom reversal on a falling knife with 95% accuracy.

    12. I have a heat map that tells were anything is on any time frame and with a simple click you can find the strongest or weakest stock on any time frame> you will never have to do any fundamental analysis ever again.

    13. Can nail every move of the spy or any stock with 0.3-1% of their top or bottom reversals

    14. Can show you how to track the exact buy and sell volume for any stock or etf on either a live chart or graph.

    15. Can show you how to make 50-500% every week trading the spy weekly options

    16. In your 401k or ira s if you can only trade mutual funds can show you how to make 20-50% a year. If you can do etfs> 200-800% a year> if you can trade opyions 500-5000% a year

    17. Have won 24 out of 27 weekly options contests in the last year where there is 3000-8000 people playing every week for a 333$ prize

    18. And my killer laser like live indicator that picks off ever top and bottom with >96 % accuracy>have won more than 200 trades in a row with it.

    19. Can show you a simple graph that predicts which way the market goes the next day and out of th last 50 days it has gotten 46 right

    20. If you are interested in my trading system email me ay and I will send you free an overview of my system in with 7-9 e books of my 133 e books I have made on every subject on the stock market.

    21. Here is my list of e books>

    22. HG indicator that is >96% accurate> it can predict earnings and whether the spy will gap up or down the next day at 1555 every trading day of the year>Here is a 1 minute graph on the spy>sell at 126.40 buy at 125.65. Can predict earnings.

    23. A list of all the things my trading system is capable>