Holy grail trading system>90%

for report email me alife4love@aol.com

Is this the same system you posted on 7/30 that said

"my holy grail>97% wins"

From >97% to >90% in one week?

Maybe you grail isn’t so holy after all.

look at my report before you say anything

test it on wallstreetsurvivor-3 months up >6000% Lifetime 9 6349.47%

in 6 months my daughter is # 1 on there-----options–Lifetime 1 92730.90%

First off, trying to solicit business away from this site violates the TOS. I’m surprised Matthew has not removed your posts.

Second, if your system is so good, how come you are not actively trading it on this site? Why are you pointing to performance on other sites, and not this one?

i am trading it-500$ to 31k$ in 1 months so far watch mrstockholygrail on here- will be >1 mill real soon-- have 33 call option plays from fridays low

How lovely, perhaps she can join us here. Take a look at the 2 system I run. How does here overall record compare to mine?

took one account on here from 100k to 3,3 mil in 2 weeks last year but i should of made it more realistic for the little guy- because they were such big call option blocks-then i forgot about them- and they went down of course-this is before i perfected my system big time–here is what my system now has(you gan get a 55 page overview if you email me at alife4love@aol.com)–The Holy Grail Trading System

1. Holy Grail Indicator

2. Holy Grail Divergence Indicator

3. Holy Grail Profit Indicator

4. Following the Smart Money

5. Playing the Fastest Moving Options

6. The Short Squeeze Holy Grail

look at my back test on the best moving options from the 7-2-2010 market bottom when they <10 on my holygrail indciator----------these had the highest profit indicator values----------------------------------------- The Holy Grail Indicator

The Holy Grail indicator ranges from 0 to 100 and at market bottoms it is <10( on extreme bottoms it will be 1 to 5) and at market tops it is >90(on extreme tops it will be 96 to 100). On the SPY graph below from 6-16-2010 to 7-17-2010 there were two tops at 99.3 and 99.3 and two bottoms at 1 and 6 . The Daily Holy Grail Indicator comes the closest of any indicator to almost mirroring the SPY and QLD which makes it the closest to the holy grail in technical analysis

-----my bottom indciator is so accurate- that within 3 days i had 100% winners–Performance results for your filter covering the dates:

Friday July 2, 2010 to Friday July 30, 2010

Change Offset

<< Week · Day Previous Next Day · Week >>

Results For Next… Overall Adv(%) Dec(%) Adv vs Dec Unch IXIC(%) DJIA(%)

1 Day +0.07% 52 (+2.05%) 54 (-1.84%)

2 +0.10% +0.59%

2 Days +6.06% 105 (+6.28%) 3 (-1.59%)

0 +3.24% +3.43%

3 Days +8.75% 108 (+8.75%) 0 (n/a)

0 +4.00% +4.67%

4 Days +11.61% 108 (+11.61%) 0 (n/a)

0 +5.00% +5.28%

1 Week +10.19% 108 (+10.19%) 0 (n/a)

0 +5.09% +5.47%

Current +27.18% 108 (+27.18%) 0 (n/a)

0 +7.79% +8.05%

108 matching stocks


Myth buster, if this guy wants to boast about sites where there are people with all kinds of track records in contests, he really needs to go to investopedia. There is a reason why I am here and not there. Actually there are many. As a developer I can offer incredible value and get paid for starters. Here on this site if I want to i can mix stocks options and futures.

I have been in a contest several years ago and dropped out due to boredom after a few months. I made money and glenn neely, kept his eye on the ball and made lots more. The list of losers who now run Billions like former Stanford University professor John Hussman will amaze you.

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