Home screen and strategy screen showing different numbers

Is there a reason why these are showing different numbers? Its always been off by about $3k-$5k…!

There is no difference if you put your strategy for free :wink:

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@Swing_Trader Not sure what that has to do with this…

@Swing_Trader actually gave you the answer to your question. But to explain, take the “all time PL” from your dashboard and then subtract your specific total subscription fee ($99 per month x 25 total months) and you’ll get the number on your strategy screen.

Hope that helps.

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One other thing, also depending on setting when viewing graph, estimated commissions and autotrade fees.

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@reconFactor It was changed from $29 to $99 a month ago so that doesn’t add up to the $3000 difference currently showing.

Those are some hefty commission fees @QuantTiger

@QuantTiger, excellent point. Commissions and autotrade fees are also included in the calculation. Thanks.

@greg_morris2, I think the calculation is actually based on current fees. For example, if a strategy manager charges $100 per month for 23 months and then raises their price to $200 in the 24th month, the calculation will will assume the $200 per month for that whole 24 months. Thus the number can become a bit skewed vs real life numbers.

Indeed, I just did a little digging and see that

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I believe it doesn’t track historical monthly fees, and also doesn’t track if you rescale the strategy, it just uses whatever you’re currently charging. So if you rescale the strategy down, it will lower your percentage gain cause your amount charged stays the same. Also it is based on $99/month for the length of your account.

When I took off the sub fee it retroactively showed what the profits were based on my current $0 fee.