Two Issues with C2

I am new at C2 and started my strategy on Jun 3, 2021. I only trade options. I am facing two issues here -

  1. All of a sudden, today, my strategy showing Cumul. Return as 12.1% where as the actual return so far is greater than 62%. Any idea why ?

2. I started my portfolio with 50k. With time as it grew, current suggested minimum capital showing 80k!!. So far I have used ~13% of leverage on average. Why it is showing 80K? Why not 8K when auto-trader can use only 10% scaling?

Please help if you have any idea about these items.

1st issue is resolved by help desk. Looks like a bug.



I have the same issue on a reg basis now especialy on weekends ( problem number 1 )
contact help desk few times , and hoping this will stop asap.

best oren

I still do see the weekend issue regularly. I contacted helpdesk couple of times. So far no improvement.

Thanks for sharing @ OrenOrbach. Have a wonderful weekend and Stay Safe!

This is because your strategy has open options positions. Over the weekend, when the markets are closed and there is no active bid/ask, all positions are marked at the “last” trade price. In the case of options, this can be very different from the bid or ask. (This is not the case for highly liquid instruments like stocks and futures, where the “last” is pretty much the same as the bid/ask.) For strategies that hold options positions over weekends (such as yours), we generally don’t include weekend equity snapshots in the strategy’s equity graph (the big chart you see on your strategy page), to prevent the chart from showing weird oscillations over the weekend; but the other ephemeral stats (such are returns-to-date) are indeed updated to reflect the available position marks.

It’s not quite ideal, obviously, but I wanted to at least explain why you are seeing this.

TLDR: Over the weekend, option positions are marked to the last-trade-price; when markets are open, they are marked to the BBO.

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Hi Matt

Your explanation to the problem is not correct. Today at 10am everything in my strategy was correct and I had public interaction, the number of winning trades my percent, the amount etc. At 7pm today, they completely changed; however, all the bid and ask stayed the same since 10am stayed the same.

If you look at cumulative return ( incorrect number ) and the year to date number ( correct ) they aren’t even close.

This is happening too much lately, i lose exposure to the public .
building a great strategy for the public to enjoy will only benefit everybody if public can see it .
However as i said, this is happening every weekend and a lot during the week .

I would love for Collective 2 to find a solution asap, since my strategy is only around options and leaps .


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Stats are updated periodically and randomly through the weekend. So if you noticed things change between 10am and 7pm today, that means that your stats were updated (using the “last” to mark open positions, as I explained) sometime then.

I understand you’d like C2 to continue using the bid/asks that were most recently available, rather than the “last trade price,” to mark open option positions over the weekend. At this time, that is not possible, but I’ll definitely make note of that as a good suggestion. (It would require a lot of reengineering of how things work on the weekends, which is why I cannot commit to an exact timeframe for addressing this.)

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greatly appreciate the fast response and care over the weekend .

collective 2 have a special place in the financial world and can grow much bigger , because of that .

best oren