How a good strategy going crazy >> ConservProfit (105744876)

It was a good one for first 6 months ,
until this March , EU keep going up , this strategy keep a selling position for a months , keeping adding short .
in the end , cut loss result in 18.5% losses , this is acceptable ,

but after this happened , the creator going to stop all manual trading and solely focus on his EA ,

ohh, this is a GOOD EA , which is not just risk 300pips earning 30pips , instead of risking 300 pips earning 10pips or keeping going against the trend adding position hoping to come back .

now we have a UJ short which actually start from 110.8, still adding shorts no matter how market goes …


Strategy doing what was design to do. If you don’t like it, why are you still subscriber? Many other choices here.

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already quit , still looking for a good point to exit

I am glad I quit this mess a month ago and never regretted a moment.

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thats good , cos i just cut loss , lost 6K LOL…

It was never a good strategy, unless you consider Russian roulette good while you’re lucky and the deadly shot doesn’t arrive (yet).

The best timing to exit a bad strategy is “yesterday”, the second best is “now”.

yap, thats why i cut loss yesterday . leave 6 K loss behand , rather than
8k now .

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