How about Strategy "Tail"?

Bid/ask demo strategy. Not for real money.

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These strategies with 100%+ returns in less than a few months should flagged for warnings since they all come crashing down when real subscribers trade it.

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C2 has added a warning to some systems. For example, when I pull up tail I get the warning captured in the screenshot here. This appears to be a different warning than another type that also appears on some strategies and discusses tail risk etc.

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Thats nice…good thing to see!


You missed this thread. Opened up Pandora’s box when it was claimed the first autotrader would actually get good results like this, which is completely false. No one has ever heard of anyone here actually getting these returns with real money. This system is a lie. Don’t waste your money.

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again its not a “LIE” as c2 would put it.


Regardless of the warnings it looks like ‘Tail’ has its first sub and now the real fun begins…lol

AvySyas should ask C2 for his money back.