New "Community Risk Warning"

Another system, US Bonds, has been justifiable slapped with a “Community Risk Warning”. The system took advantage of the C2 loophole regarding manipulating limit orders before there are any subscribers.

On another note, for the system WaveRunner the warning should be dropped in my opinion. Ever since it got its first subscriber on June 27, the system traded very well and responsibly. In order to eliminate the “Hidden Tail Risk” one simply should not take the short option orders, which is the default option anyway for auto traders. In fact, it has been one of my best performers with the exception of ES Daily Cache.

As the developer of the system US bonds i don’t mind the warning about scalping results that may not be achievable, fair enough.

That being said the warning re wave runner should remain, as tail risk is much more dangerous to investors accounts. Scalping results may not be achievable yes but hidden tail risk means wiping investors accounts entirely. The risk warning should remain on wave runner.

Please read my last paragraph again where I explain how the “Hidden Tail Risk” for this system can be easily eliminated.

Regardless the warning should remain for 2 reasons :
1- Inexperienced traders dont know the information you wrote.
2-To explain how the system achieved the enormous results earlier, surely not by trading the emini!

@CalvRoss - you shouldn’t be throwing stones at anyone else’s strategy.

Your ‘strategy’ is nothing but a scam, right up there with “UVXY Trader” and “Diamond”, taking advantage of C2’s generous Bid/Ask spread rules when no real money is chasing it. Now real investors with real money are losing actual money because of your shenanigans. This is people’s hard earned money in the real world. Not funny money on a website like you.

IMO, so long as systems like US Bonds are allowed to stay and get subscribers here, C2 will never grow into a legitimate platform that it could be.

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Waverunner cumulative return is 51000%, is that legitimate?

No. However his returns from July 1 - present ARE legitimate because he has had real money trading them, and they have been good - he has MADE money for subscribers. I still think C2 should color the chart to show when real money was actually trading a strategy.

Again, don’t talk about “legitimate” returns when you are putting up an equity curve that looks like this BS in a 1- month period:

Complete nonsense.


Whether he is currently making money or not is completely irrelevant, the warning should remain on his system and mine as well.

100% agree. No doubt it should.

I’m saying you should retire your system and stop stealing from subscribers when your strategy is a complete farce.


Your request is understandable and to be expected from you hence you are a strategy developer as well.

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This is why I debate daily whether to pull my strategy, on one hand I want to give people something worthwhile, that isn’t a total farce scam, on the other I want collective to suffer a horrible death for allowing this utter trash from happening in the first place, majority can be solved with TOS only systems. At least we can get this over with, and maybe a proper honest platform might appear.

I’m assuming the platform will be shut down either way at some point being complicit in these farces, it’s not hard to prove the owners knew and allowed such reckless activity to occur so they could profit from sub fees, even if somehow collective2 is braindead and oblivious the prosecutors will hit them with conspiracy charges anyway, only a matter of time before some sub gets pissed off and calls are made either to lawyers, or the proper authorities, if they haven’t already.

Our Knight of the Light chosen to save the world. :slight_smile:

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No comment .

waverunner down 47% in Oct .

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Seems he went “Down Under” after all hahahaha

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Actually that was a comment.

How about this comment:
@CalvRoss “US Bonds” subscriber profits: -$5,690
Your system is probably the biggest scam on here. Amazed C2 let’s you stay and scam more subscribers out of real money. I highlighted the only periods below where you actually traded with (other people’s) real money:


If what you are showing is true DogZ, then good work man.

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As you once commented on some thread prior. “Oh Snaap” :wink:

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That system you are talking about is down 50% in October, its clear you are a charlatan , my system is down 0.1% in the same period.

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I stated his system had made money for subscribers. I was correct. I said his returns since July 1st were legit. They were. I also agreed that the community warning should remain on his system. I did not plug his system or tell people they should invest. Nor did I invest.

Also, quick question, why is it your system has lost money for subscribers , yet when you have no subscribers you happen to go up 100%'s or so? Can you answer that @CalvRoss ??

Look up the meaning of the world “charlatan”, kid. Better yet, look in the mirror.