How do I report a Problem / Support Issue


It appears the pricing feed is sometimes returning the correct prices for two of the companies in the portfolio, and sometimes returning erroneous prices. This has meant that the daily equity is fluctuating up or down by as much as 10% intraday and across days. Can someone please have a look at this and try to correct it.

The first stocks in question is LVB which was bought out for $40, but is, at the time of this writing, showing a price in Collective2 of $15.6. The second stock in CNH which is trading around $50, but is presently showing a price of $23ish on C2. Like I said above it seems that sometimes the correct prices are coming through, and sometimes incorrect ones.

Just a bit further on this. CNH has merged with Fiat Industrial and has a new ticker CNHI, with each share of CNH being swapped for 3.828 shares of CNHI.

LVB is not a publicly traded stock anymore. It was taken private at $40 on Sep 19. Which is why C2 is showing a bad price. I will remove it at the acquisition price from your portfolio.


Thanks. Can you do something similar with CNH, either at it’s conversion price or replace it with CNHI at the conversion rate?