How much traffic? How many subscribers?

It seems fees and commissions are going to be going WAY up. All with the promise of a better web site, and a greatly increasing subscriber base. However, there is nothing on this website that shows me how much traffic we are getting, or how many subscribers are currently signed on as a whole. This would be good information. I don’t think I can pay these higher fees, and give up a 30% commission if I have no idea what kind of a customer base we are drawing.

If this cannot be added to the website, can some of you provide information regarding how many subscribers you have, and how quickly your subscriber base is growing. I would like to hear from some of the most successful advisors here. Can you share any information? Thanks.


I think, 30% is too much. 15% might be reasonable.

Yes, I agree with you dave. I can’t see any reason to rais it up to 30%!!!

I agree. This isn’t just a small increase in fees, it is a HUGE increase. The listing fee per year will be more than 5 times more than it is now. Not to mention the 30% commission. I’ll probably start increasing the subscription fees I charge before my yearly listing expire and if I lose subscribers, I will not renew my system again and look for alternative ways to get my systems out in the public.

If I do stick around, I would like to get a weekly report with the number of subscribers to Collective2, how many are visiting the site per day and how many are viewing my systems. No point in paying all that money to list my systems if no one is even looking at them.

Also we will need an SLA from Matthew which give us uptime and response guarantees. I have been getting several Internal Error 500 errors lately and with these kind of fees, this will not be acceptable anymore.

I also don’t see Hot Hands which is flawed in that it is based on Dollar Returns, instead of percentage returns as something worthwhile paying for.


- Fanus

10% to 30%, that will be 200% increase. The cost will eventually goes to subscribers. This will scare people away and it will not do good to matthew either.

15% is reasonable. If I was matthew, I would choose this benchmark.

By the way, I did not see this site gets much faster, even slower tonight.

I must add my 2 cents and inform Matthew that I also have been getting an Internal Error 500 response quite a few times (lasts from 1 minute - 15 minutes). Only once, has this been during a critical trade signal on ITM, but it is quite a dangerous thing for traders in which a few seconds (email is too slow) lost may costs thousands in losses (eg. opportunity costs).

I got Internal Error 500 several times today when I goes to check some system details.

Also if we check now, we can say many system have average trade lengh more than 300 days. For example, my Dave’s Goofiz Option Extreme aveage trade length is 3241 days. :–)

30% is too high. I suggest that

the first 5 subscribers charges 10%

next 5 subscribers charges 15%

next 5 subscribers charges 20%

next 5 subscribers charges 25%

next subscribers all charges 30%