Highest subscribers?

Anyone willing to share their number of subscribers? Read an article posted on C2 about one popular system developer earning $15k/mo that seems pretty low honestly. Anybody have 200+ 400+ 500+ subscribers? Are those numbers even feasible?

i seen most popular strategy are prob between 80-200 subs. example would be RobertPeterson. hes got prob 20-80 subs each strategy and he’s got 6 strategies. So in total he’s prob got over 250 total subs.

which single strategy now has the most subs, i don’t know after the 2-6-18 VIX crash. A lot of popular strategy died or fallout of favorite after the 10%+ correction we had in Feb. I been in 3 strategy for over 1-2yr and trying 3 new ones. total of 6 strategies. They are not popular, but as along as i’m making money or still above what my starting amount was I’m willing to ride thru the draw down. one i made over 350k on, another one i made over 90k over 2 yrs. both started at 100k. i cant complaint paying only $2000 in fees. 98% cheaper than a hedge fund or 70% cheaper than any AUM financial advisor.

My point is good systems don’t need subs to make a living. what they make in a day or a week in the market is way more than sub fees. unless you are one of those system charging $500-$1000 sub fees per month.


Great point @OSUTIA .

Take note for all those system developers on the forum begging for subscribers.


OSUTAI, On what Strategy are you made 350K? I like it.

My point is good systems don’t need subs to make a living. what they make in a day or a week in the market is way more than sub fees. unless you are one of those system charging $500-$1000 sub fees per month.

Great point @OSUTIA .

Take note for all those system developers on the forum begging for subscribers.

This is a foolish statement fueled by inexperience. If you’re trading on a platform that trades in $10,000 contracts following multiple forex pairs and wanting to evenly spread it across those pairs as the system balance grows, you need an account big enough to make that $10,000 insignificant, like 1% of your account balance. If you’re watching 20 to 70 currency pairs and want to spread it professionally across those, you need an account in the millions of dollars. That’s one of the main problems with TOS, you’re immediately going to lose the possibility of getting a young home grown master trader that knows how to do this, because of the size of account that is required. You are partially correct in that if someone had that size of money they wouldn’t need C2, but we also wouldn’t get that quality of traders, we’d be stuck with nickel and dime traders that don’t understand how to professionally manage an account when given different platform obstacles.


If u didn’t make enough money to trade 20 pair forex or 200k of your own. Should that home grow young trader be managing millions of other poeople money? So c2 is like a learning place or a place to gain experience for young traders?

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Yeah was just wondering, working on some systems privately was debating if it was worth the hassle to share on here and dealing with TOS. Looking at current systems, they would probably be the top performers risk/reward wise. They trade VIX, but have stop losses, they would of survived XIVs termination event superbly.

We’ll see though if it’s worth the effort to support them on here. Thanks for the replies.

Then you should have no problem getting subscribers. If you’re looking at this as a full time job, then yes, you’re going to need alot of subscribers if you think $15k a month is too low.

Regardless - if your system is this good, it should make you alot of money, and anything run on C2 would just be gravy, right? Or is it all just backtested (see curvefitting/overfitting) systems that have yet to prove anything?

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seen so many proclaim they have the secret strategy. so many twitter guru turning $500 to $500k in 30 days. yet none of them ever proof them self on C2. i mean dont get me wrong, we have a lot of good traders on c2, but these twitter gurus or anybody thinks they got the secret sauce, the market always make them humble.

pm me if u like. if i make a post people will crucify me for “promoting”. i jumped in 2 yrs ago after he had a good 4 month return, so i kind of got lucky.

You think an institution is going to let you trade 10 million using 20:1 leverage? Think again. Since you’re so clever tell me how to evenly spread varying positions of 20 to 70 pairs using a $25,000 account. You’re completely missing the point, because it’s over your head.

C2 is like a casino, you walking around the tables seeing who’s on a hot streak and you bet along with them until they blow up


Just trade fewer contracts. You trade 19 with each pair. Maybe someone with $25,000 account just trades 1.

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Still missing the point. You’d be holding a $190,000 with a $25,000 account, leveraged over x8.
That still didn’t answer how you’d spread it evenly across 20 to 70 pairs without having to use leverage.

He doesn’t trade forex, he might not as clever like you who specialize in forex. However, He is collecting premium every week n sometimes trade volatility products. Look at his account at C2, he is using TOS 100%, real live account, started from $100k n now grow around $800k in 2 years. Do you think the institution that he works for does not have $10 mill ? Btw, he doesn’t need to figure out the issue from forex trading, especially the US government doesn’t allow for US citizens to trade forex unless you are qualify to trade forex. ( u need more than $300k ). C2 is not a good place to allocate big money to trade forex, to many forex system failed in here.

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You are so misinformed, I don’t know where to even start with you.

What’s leverage to trade forex in c2? I’m seeing a lot of them 20:1 and 50:1.

Isn’t usd:yen or any big pairs allow 25k to trade.

I traded Euro:USD last year. interactive broker allowed 33:1. And I traded 5-6 pairs at the same time as long as it’s $1000 increments.

@cct1 can you care to explain what you mean since none of us get it on here. I’m want to learn more, forex is the only asset classes I’m not trading at the moment and I want to divert some funds to it.

Hello Osutai, I would be more than happy to help manage any funds you want to allocate my direction. What I was saying was having a minimum contract size of $10,000 per forex pair and trying to scale down a strategy to attract clients with smaller accounts is a logistical burden requiring the use of leverage. The majority use 33.3:1 with many using 20:1 and some of the majors using 50:1. I personally don’t use more than the minimum 20:1 for all positions when using leverage, to give the trades a buffer of margin in correlation to stop losses. Any of the major pairs, one can trade as small as $1 if using the right broker. If you’re wanting to trade using zero leverage and using a broker trading in full lots, you need 100k. If your broker offers mini lots you’ll need 10k, if they offer micro lots you’ll need 1k. If you have a broker offering dollar amounts you need $1. Interactive broker offers micro lots then. If you want to follow my trades, I suggest $10,000 for every 1 contract you follow me with. Leverage will come into play with how many pairs are in play. When I have 5 pairs meeting parameters, leverage being used is x5. If I have 10 pairs in play, leverage is x10. You though, will be using your full balance amount per pair in play.
Current stats.
Annualized return +76.9%
Correlation to SP500 -0.02000
Calmar Ratio 5.07

Thanks for the write up. At $250 fee per month any allocation less than $60k is meaningless.

Not to high jack the thread, what separate your strategy from all the other forex strategy with longer track record and lower draw down?


Can you send me the link to" article posted on C2 about one popular system developer earning $15k/mo"?