How to handle unresponsive strat manager?

I’ve been subscribed to “Infinity 2020” since the beginning of the year for $595/month. It’s been getting killed, I’m currently holding over $85K is unrealized losses on less than $400K in open positions:


(also, I have no idea why C2 says Max drawdown for this strat is 10.2%, even if strat portfolio value is stated to be around $580K, seems like -$85K in unrealized PnL is worse than 10.2% DD).

Anyhow, been trying to touch base with the strat manager for four days. Site says he’s online pretty much all the time, but no response to my messages:

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the managers of the couple of other strats I subscribe to that are very responsive.

Is it reasonable here to expect a response from a strat manager you’re subscribed to? And if so, any suggestions on how to handle this situation? Yes, I can just “unsubscribe” and dump the open positions for -$85K is losses, but ideally I’d like to here from the strat manager before doing so, in case this unrealized PnL deficit is within historic backtesting boundaries (i.e. I don’t want to “sell at the bottom” if his strat typically backtests hitting this level of red and then recovering), etc…

Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about your $85K loss.

Very odd that you would be down more than what they strategy page shows by that much. Did you join all trades in progress when you started?

Unlike Cumulative return, the drawdown is very slow to update.

I’ve read somewhere that C2 investors can trade up to 5 times the size of the position.

Yes investors can increase the scaling or decrease the scaling which could change the stats. But @ChrisPage said he is down $85,000 on $400,000 in open positions. If he means he started with $585,000 then he is down 15% and if he started with $400,000 he is down 21%. Not sure exactly which scenario he means but it does seem to be that he is down more than the 10.2% max shown.

As I said earlier, the max drawdown is not a real time C2 metrics, I noticed that it could take days to move it down.

I’m trading 100% of the position. 100% of the portfolio value of “Infinity 2020” I believe the strat manager says is around $580K (maybe less now) but he does not have 100% of his portfolio value deployed in positions (i.e. some of it is in cash).

Per the strat manager’s original guidance when I started auto-trading Infinity 2020:

I suggest u to put in your portfolio only the positions with negative P&L and wait for new trades

I only allowed the positions that were currently red (which was most of them) and then manually added/followed additional open positions as they went red, resulting in being in sync with his currently open positions.

This image is the current net PnL of his open positions on his strategy page:


Ah, looks like he dumped a bunch of positions today for about a -$20K realized loss, perhaps finally cleaning house.

Still back to how to get a strat manager to communicate/respond, or if expecting that is even reasonable here on C2…

Initiating positions with an already negative P/L, what kind of nonsense is that??

I guess his strat (mistakenly) assumes all positions eventually turn green… at least until his position dump today…

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Fact is, at any given time, some positions will never return to break-even, let alone generate a profit, however small.

It’s about a $42K loss since starting to auto-trade it in late January. He was profitable in February, and then lost those gains and a bit more since then (at least when you include current unrealized).

Well, I sincerely hope your trading account will turn green again, good luck.

Hello @ChrisPage

Just FYI, I had the same problem that some of the message didn’t go through to the subscribers.
Try connect C2 and ask what it is all about, but maybe you send him the message and he just don’t receive it as we had the same problem and C2 fix it ( or he is just don’t want to reply )

Hope that helps

-$96K drawdown on $580K (100%) allocation and no response from strat manager for a week for the most expensive strat on C2, eating losses and unsubscribing.


You just lost a great deal of money and yet you stayed calm, collected and took it like a man, all my respect.


sorry to hear about that chris, very frustrating. I just started my collective2 account as a way to earn side income, sharpe tends to be 3-6, sortino 4-7; can view stats at fundseeder(dot)com/trading_account/19034

my short term account is here but the positions tend to overlap and the account above has better risk metrics, so i think its the superior offering. fundseeder(dot)com/trading_account/19033

i manage my own real account and have it linked to auto trade here, so what i do is what you get. ill add more info over time as i just got this account running, but i encourage you to track my portfolio here and eventually subscribe if you like what you see. unlike most managers here, ive actually made $1mm over the last 2-3 years with very low correlation to markets. why be on this site now if im able to make $20k-200k a month? im trying to reduce my notional risk while seeking out side income while still doing what i enjoy doing – trading obviously can take its toll on people, even if successful.

happy to chat.

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