How to kill a competitor's thread (forum thread). Layhack

This is a public appeal to the owner of this resource,

It’s very easy to do! They write 5-10 posts every day and the forum owner deletes your thread. Bingo. You have not done anything and do not suspect. And your branch is blocked. A very nice approach. Is this normal and adequate? Or is this discrimination based on citizenship you have here?

Explain to us your approach on this issue…


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Because you are the most toxic person on this forum and you lied that your trades always have a stop loss.


Hi Michael:

I fear you misunderstand what is happening.

  1. I deleted one of your posts because you posted an inflammatory message on someone else’s thread, criticizing that person’s strategy. Leaving that post online would only lead to childish flame wars, so I did you a favor and removed your ill-considered post.

  2. Unrelated to that, our forum software temporarily disabled your account from posting because you exhibited what it considered signs of spamming. (You copied and pasted big blocks of text.) That disabling of the account is temporary, and is completely automated. It is unrelated to the issue above. It will clear itself shortly.

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