Setting up autotrading with IB

Can anyone tell me how long it normally takes to set up autotrading with Interactive Brokers (AGM Technology)? My account with IB was set up last week and I have subscribed to a few systems here (and am paying for them), but IB has not received any trade signals yet.

I emailed IB about it and they didn’t have any idea about any requests to start autotrading from C2.

How long does this process normally take?

Hi Tim,

Normally you should have heard from the broker by now. I have already reached out to them and requested that they contact you as soon as possible.

You will find that when clearing firms (such as IB) require that Autotraders go through an introducing broker (such as AGM Technology) their knowledge of all the ins and outs of who does what may be slim. It’s best to contact the introducing broker directly or in this case C2. I’m happy to assist when the wait time extends past normal turn around expectations.

Normal turn around for a response from introducing brokers would be about 1 business day – give or take.

- Melissa

Hi Melissa,

Thanks very much for your quick response and assistance! Hopefully AGM will get back to me in the next day or so otherwise I’ll try contacting them directly.

Thanks again,


Hi Melissa, does IB require an introducing broker for all clients, even non-US?

Hi Mark,

Yes, IB requires an introducing broker for all clients (US and non-US) looking to use Gen3 Autotrading.

The exception is if you are interested in Gen1 Autotrading. You do not need to go through an introducing broker to Autotrade your IB live brokerage account, but you do need to have one of the C2 compatible helper software programs installed. From the TradeBullet or Trader68 websites, enter your IB account number and set up Autotrading through them.