How to stop emails after unsubscribing

Recently, I’ve received a few requests from users who want to be able to unsubscribe to a system and then have all email signals stop immediately. Normally, as a courtesy, C2 allows you to unsubscribe, but will continue to let your subscription run until the last date you’ve paid for. Thus, emails continue until the end of the subscription term. For systems that send a lot of signal emails, this can be an annoyance.

In response to this feedback, C2 can now handle immediate unsubscription requests. Basically, you first need to unsubscribe from a system. You will automatically be given the “courtesy” period at the end of the month. If you do not want that courtesy period, click “unsubscribe” one more time, and you will be able to cease all signals immediately.

Hope this helps.


From a System Owner perspective, if someone unsubscribes, they should no longer be receiving any communication or be able to view the current, up to date signals of that system. I don’t believe the courtesy should be allowed. Unsubscribe is unsubscribe.

This is just my view from the ‘other side’.



No, I think you are missing something important. This only occcurs when the customer has already paid up front for the upcoming month.

Example: User subscribes to monthly system on March 15th and pays the monthly fee on March 15. On April 3, he decides he doesn’t like it. He wants to unsubscribe now, before he forgets to do it later. So he unsubscribes, but he is entitled to finish his subscription until April 15.

It seems to me that MK is dead right !

Something prepaid must be delivered until the last day.

But the subscribers who unscribe should not complain to continue receiving the signals until the last that they paid for.


“Complain” is perhaps too strong, but I think it is good that we (subscribers) have the choice to receive or not receive those e-mails.