Termination of subscription

Hi Mathew, can you please explain how a system vendor can terminate the subscription of one of his subscribers? I want to re-open the free trial period for my system TSUNAMI TRADER but am sick of the free riders who keep abusing my good work by trying to get multiple free trials. Thanks and regards. Kathryn.

In your subscriber report there is a link that says ‘Unsubscribe.’ You can use that.

I encourage you to communicate with the subscribers first, though. In many cases, they may have a reason for re-subscribing to a trial (went on vacation, wasn’t sure the system was right for them, etc.). The vast majority of traders on C2 are honest and willing to pay for subscriptions to good systems. There are always a few people that try to take advantage of the system, but these can be dealt with by unsubscribing them and telling them not to re-subscribe. If one person becomes a persistent problem, let me know and I will try to deal with it. In general, it rarely gets to that point.

Thanks for the quick reply Matthew. Kathryn.