Letting subscription expire

When I click the unsubscribe button a message says it is possible to just let your subscription expire and not renew. But the only link it provides is to unsubscribe immediately. How do I unsubscribe at the end of my free trial or subscription term, but not before?

Greg -

Systems with the “pay per profitable period” model, or systems that you are the owner of, require immediate unsubscription. There’s no deferring the unsubscriptions, due to the way the subscription scheduling is handled.

At the end of the last free trial I got an email saying it would expire soon and I did not need to take any action unless I wanted to subscribe and get charged. Now I’m in a different free trial and I got an email saying I need to unsubscribe or get charged. Why the inconsistency?

Now when I click the unsubscribe button, it gives me a link called “Let my subscription lapse on 2/28/2013, so that I will not be charged again”. When I click that link a blank page comes up with the following text:

gotolocationhttp://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/c2systems.mpl?systemid=77595630 but nothing happens.

So how about a list of how each type of system is treated? Like this:

1. Pay per profitable period: immediate unsubscription reqd

2. Owner of system: immediate unsubscription reqd

3. Pay every month regardless of profitability: ?

4. Free trial period coming to an end: sometimes no unsubscription reqd

5. Free trial period coming to an end: sometimes click link that says subscription can be allowed to lapse (but nothing happens)

6. Free trial period: sometimes immediate subscription required

Why the inconsistency and confusion?