Hypothetical Fill Error - What's Going On?!


Another user on this website brought this to my attention. How is it possible that the C2 hypothetical fill engine makes a mistake like this? While most people could probably see that this is too good to be true, is there an exploit by which a system leader could get an erroneous fill at a more believable price (an error which might go undetected by some C2 subscriber customers)?

C2 system number is 138456489 (purposely not linked here)

Trade signal number in question is 139921455:

Expanded view:

If only I subscribed with 500% scaling. I would probably retire lol

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Well, it looks like that erroneous signal has been removed from the trading record now (so I guess no one will be retiring from all of those awesome hypothetical gains).

The updated curve looks closer to reality (although the max. leverage used of 103x is a just a bit on the wild side). :wink: