I can not trade

when I go to my system page ( http://collective2.com/cgi-perl/c2systems.mpl?systemid=67118386 ), there is no trade button. how can I enter the new trades?

  1. You have to be logged in to your C2 account which is the owner of the trading system in question.

    2) Assuming you are logged in, there can be rare cases in which C2 needs to display many optional administrative buttons that would crowd the screen if they were all displayed. In these rare cases C2 may choose not to display all buttons. In that (very rare) case, you can find “ENTER NEW TRADE SIGNAL” under the ADMIN menu. The ADMIN button always appears to system owners when they are logged in to their account.

    If you still can’t see these choices when you are certain you are logged into your correct account, let me or Alen (help@collective2.com) know, and we’ll try to figure it out.