IB export trades and commenting

  1. How do I comment about a system?

    2. Is it possible to export trades from InteractiveBrokers straight to the C2 system?

    3… Im a new user and please correct me if Im wrong, but most accounts on here can post whatever trade results they want… what is that? It should be a closed system that accepts trades directly from the platforms the trades have been executed on. I feel for new smucks that dont realize that fact and think these trading systems are actual past results.

Since you are new, you should probably read some of the material on the site, especially regarding trade results. Nobody can "post whatever trade results they want."


You are incorrect. C2 does not allow people to “post whatever trade results they want.” C2 shows only verified, go-forward trade signals. This means you must make your trading call (“buy this,” “sell that”) in real-time, and we post the results. In other words, when people submit trades to C2, they don’t know in advance that the trades will work out (or not). This makes C2 very different from most places where you can buy “systems” that claim awesome profits and purport to show you back-tested “results”… which are just nothing more than curve-fitted historical data.

Regarding your other questions:

There is a 3rd-party product available which allows you to capture your Interactive Brokers’ TWS trades and pipe them into your C2 system. See:


To “comment” on a system you can go to the system page and click ADD TO MY… My Analyst Page. You can comment there.

Alternately, once you actually subscribe, you will be allowed to write a review of a system.

Thanks for the link to the IB integration…

I am glad to hear that I was wrong about how the systems are tracked. I had to create a system an put in a trade to see how it works…

Looks good,