I can't Close trade positions!

Hey guys, idk if this is the right place for this but collective2 isn’t letting me close my trade position. What’s going on? I click Close Position to let collective2 auto-fill in the details, and then I click close order, and the screen refreshes but nothing happens. Any idea on what’s going?


You need to pay the system listing fee. There’s a big white button at the top of the screen of your system page which allows this.


LOL, truly a system ahead of its time

From the system description "The MoneyMaker System is the result of many months of my own hard work, many sleepless nights and over 140 different versions. I started back in May of 2007"

Excellent find, Pete… thanks for pointing this out. Glad he’s not my accountant.

Hey, my bad if my strength is trading and not proofreading.

Your strength lies in carelessness. Caveat emptor.