I disagree with adding commissions after the fact

I have to disagree with adding commissions after a system has been started. (ie, changing the rules of the game after the game has started) When I created my systems, I used the least amount of trading capital that I thought was practical, which was in fact suggested by this site when I created them.

If I had known that commissions were going to be included, I would/could have optimized my initial trading capital, my trading block sizes and the stocks my system trades to lessen the impact of commissions.

I can only assume it was done for a novice investor to compare systems… since a experienced one would realize the differences.


I absolutely agree with you.

Some systems aren’s affected very much by comissions, but others are very commissions-dependant.

At least we had to know that rules were going to change, so we adapt our systems to them

Bad done, C2 :frowning:

Come on guys, how can you complain in this way? Is your aim to create systems that only look good on C2 or ones that make money when traded for real? If the latter then I fail to see how this changes anything for any decent system. If the former then it’s rather disingenuous to complain!

Now, if you were complaining that the commission levels being applied were very inaccurate… that would be different.

After posting this, I’ve had some time to look at the commission plans that are subtracted from the profit and don’t disagree with them. In fact, in most cases they seem lower than what my broker (MB) actually charges (flat $10 per RT). I made a snap judgment and posted my opinion.

I guess my biggest complaint is not keeping the System Developers in the loop of potential changes, especially when it comes to system performance.

$10 per RT ??. You suck! Change your broker !!

Everybody answer the same.

Of course I think is a good idea to trace commissions in C2. The results are much more realistic this way, and I agree with that.

But my complaint is that C2 hasn’t warned anybody about the change.

If I had Known, I had changed a little the system to stay profitable, or at least I had tried to readjust the capital.

And it is not very fair to change past profits applying new rules. The past draw downs are now more deep than when they happened. If I had seen so deep draw downs in the past, I had cut the losses before. Now I can not change the past (but new) draw downs…

Honestly the more you complain about commissions added in the more you sound like a newbie vendor only out for your best interests.

You had to know since day 1 that any subscriber would have to pay commissions and your system should have taken that into account - from day 1.

What kind of vendor develops a system neglecting commissions, and then complains about it?

Your best bet is to accept it and move on. Quit complaining. It makes you look bad.


I personally have no issue with the costs being displayed. However, I would like to see a breakdown on how they are being calculated by C2. In my system, I see a number of $70+ commissions for a single stock trade (round trip). That does not seem resonable to me when most brokers charge $7 or less for a filled order.

Matthew, would you explain this?

As a subscriber and not a developer, I appreciate this type of information. It would be even better if the subscription costs could be included in the chart and P/L as well.

Although the idea seems good, I think it is not fair to many systems that are already created. Lowed-price stock systems, like mine, are being terribly penalized. For example:

BUY 13,966 ARNA 1.79 12/21 9:31 2.17

P/L = $5,028

Includes typical … $279.32 !!!

Do you think $279.32 is a typical broker commission for a trade? Are you kidding? Please…

It looks like full descriptions of the fees have been added to each of the four commissions + AutoTrade fees options.

For those trading large number of shares of low priced stocks, just choose the one which starts with a flat rate for each trade, up to a certain number of shares, then an additional price per share above that (OpenECry and AutoTrade Fees). You’ll find the commissions to be much more reasonable.

In my opinion, If the profitability of a system depends on the costs of the comissions, it is a bad system.


I think we live in a real world, and in the real world we pay commissions so yeah, I vote for commissions on by default on charts, trades and statistics.

I also vote for option to turn off for charts, trades an statistics. The "raw" performance I also important to be analyzed sometimes. Mathew says it will be done for charts at least.

As for which commission, I agree with the default of choosing the best broker fees in the basket for the system in question.

As for rules change in the middle of the game, the game is here forever, if something is wrong or can be improved, we have to correct it somewhere in time and the sooner the better. If the changes are not frequent, the community will gain not loose, and thats what really matters.

Cierto. No me refería a tu sistema en concreto, hablaba en general.

Igualmente felices fiestas a todos.