"Typical" broker commissions


I think that adding broker commissions is a very good idea. The problem is that the broker commissions now on C2 are not typical at all, are completely out of reality, expecially for low priced stocks. For example:

12/1/10 9:31 BUY 8,200 CTIC 0.36 12/2 9:32 SELL 0.37 ($115)

$ 197.00 are not typical broker commissions! Almost 7% of trade value!

Commissions for this trade would be way below 50 $ with 99,9% of the brokers out there. My system (see link below) has accumulated 950 $ of commissions here on C2 for 27 trades against 189.70 in real life with Interactive Brokers (I can provide my statements). This is highly unfair.

The question is:

Am I Wrong?

If I’m not wrong I would like to know if and when commissions will be adjusted.

Thank You.



Agreed. We’ll try to work on this on the next version of the commission calculations feature. Should be within the next 1-3 weeks.


I totally agree with Massimiliano.


May I suggest that rather than a typical commission, C2 uses the “minimum” commission that is out there for each market? this way it is a benchmark that can’t be bettered.

Perhaps we could call them deep discount commissions…quoting the lowest of the gen 3 providers.

Thanks for working on this Matthew. This has bothered me for a while since the "typical" commissions are nowhere near close to most actual broker commissions, especially with low price stocks and smaller trading systems.

Thank you very much! I can’t wait to see this!