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I don't want to brag. But


I might be someone different using the name but the old payoff matrix id is now called OLDp so he at least came back to rename it.

He trades differently probably cuz he’s no longer trading on TOS. He actually was trading with higher contract sizes when he was NON TOS before too I believe. When he switched to TOS he traded so conservatively.

Its easier to trade with funny money. When your own capital is at risk it makes you terrified of making a mistake.


In his message to my friend here at C2 he wrote like this

… I’m back on C2 but not sure for how long.

Probably till first drawdown. :slight_smile:


In the message to my friend he mentioned that his trade style is a little bit different now.


@JITF, ask him why he decided to come back when he was making so much money outside of C2?


Friend of mine was involved in this, not me. He doesn’t want to have anything with that guy anymore due to loss and stories about bright future listened during the way to south.

For me the answer on this question is evident. :slight_smile:


Lol…just wanted to hear his response.


It’s me not someone else. Send me a private IM to my old account and I’ll respond.


Hey @PayoffMatrix, so you decided to come back? What happened to C2 not being worthwhile?

Are you going to make the profits back for your subs and offer them free subscriptions until they do make it all back before charging your regular monthly fee?


I came back because there was a bunch of nonsense garbage since I left that is absolutely not true. I’m here to set the record straight and yes to make investors money. @AlgoSystems you shouldn’t concern yourself with what I’m doing. Remember that conversation we had that you only had $5,000 in your account and asked if you can trade my strategy? And you didn’t have more to put in that account because you couldn’t afford it because of your bankruptcy. I still have that conversation. The entire thing. Remember what I told you? I said absolutely no way you can trade my strategy with that little amount. Please let me know if you care for me to post that entire conversation. My strategy isn’t right for you. I told you that before and I’ll tell you that now. I wouldn’t want you to join and don’t want your subscription fee. You seem to be concerned with a strategy that isn’t designed for someone like you. My strategy isn’t a good fit for you.

There are many good strategies on here that are designed for you. Mine isn’t one of them. Perhaps look into those strategies.

Please don’t concern yourself with what I’m doing. Please leave me alone so I can trade.

Good day


@PayoffMatrix, I am not concerned about me …I am only concerned about not ripping others off.

I hope you have changed your tune and decide to actually make money for your subs. This is why I urge you to not charge your previous subs until you have made them money.


Thanks for your concern.

Have a nice weekend.

Good day


Well, now that this is clear, let’s go back to the main theme…,



Now seriously, why should anyone join a 595$-strategy that doesn’t trade?


Let’s see, the trolls are trolling day and night and are trading a few thousand bucks. And they are drawn to the guy that duped them.
Makes sense.
Not hating on the trolls or payoff matrix for making big bank, it’s just great entertainment and it gives us an insight to the pathetic state of the trolls.
Just super fun to observe.
Although I like to call out charlatans, I still think it’s upon the subs to choose wisely.


Is smart of him to come back after the Oct correction. Odds are in he’s favorite.

Also on my other post I mentioned that I have a feeling of PM will be mysteriously making a come back soon. And here we are…just funny to see some other “members” keep bringing him up or ask about the PM story in other people’s post.


There are a lot of lonely forlorn people in the world and they are drawn to guys like this. He fills a void for them. I subscribe to the writings of the great
Kahlil Gibran, in the Prophet when he mentions you cannot blame the thief for that’s what his soul desires to make him well and you can’t blame the victim for this is what he seeks as well. Fascinating stuff. Just let it be.