IB and Equities/Options

Any guidance as to when you will be able to trade on IB using the Gen3 technology?

I have subscribers who would be very interested in using C2 but only if they could use it with IB.

I may be wrong but I think Interactive is the only broker that would allow trading in all C2 systems.

MB Trading requires a separate account for forex, does not offer futures like DAX, EuroStoxx, and does not allow any naked options selling.

OpenECry does not allow equities in the same account as futures. Also no equities for non-US residents.

Vision does not offer forex.

So any system providers that combine futures with equities; or equities with naked options; or equities with forex; or futures with forex might not be surprised if they have no subscribers.

If your system is in this category, or you’re a client who wants to trade through Interactive, perhaps you can send C2 a friendly note asking to make the Interactive/Gen3 connnection a priority?

And send me a PM if you want to know some of the ins and outs, I’m on my third brokerage move in 6 months and have learned quite a bit the hard way.

We currently support Futures at IB. The technology is in place to add Stocks & Options but orders need to go through a stocks broker-dealer that uses IB trading services. If you have an account at such a firm put us in touch with them and we’ll make the arrangements.

Ok Francis, looks like I jumped the gun on my post above, sorry about that. Glad to hear this is coming along.

I don’t have an account there, but I wonder if Placetrade.com would be willing to work with you.

Alternatively, I wonder if there is scope in your business plan to collaborate with Covestor, which manages accounts through IB. Since you don’t offer stock trading through IB, and since Covestor doesn’t offer signal entry for developers, there is no overlap.