Posting historical trade results


How can a new C2 member post their prior trade results from previous testing or trading?

I would like my new C2 system to display it’s past performance to new subscribers, since I only have two trades so far listed on C2.



We do not support that, as a matter of principle and philosophy.

The idea behind C2 is that the site shows profit and loss results from “go-forward” trading. You need to publicly commit to displaying your trading results, whether they turn out to be good or bad. This helps subscribers judge your trading skills more accurately.

If we allowed users to submit hypothetical backtest results (or even historical real-life trading records), we would face a selectivity problem. Only good trading results would be submitted, skewing the results.


Thanks, Matt.

I received an email from C2 today that suggested that I post 3 or 4 weeks of

trading results, which is why I asked the question here in the forum.

Did I misunderstand the email?

While it’s possible the email wasn’t clear, the intention was to say that you should build up a track record on C2 in order to attract subscribers. That track record would necessarily be a go-forward track record.


Thanks for clearing that up; I agree, only forward tested results have any value. Thanks for offering such a super opportunity at C2 for all aspiring system marketers.