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Implementing a Trailing Stop

I’m attempting to implement a trailing stop with an xReplace on any existing limit trades against the stock. Part of that includes calculating the price at which to put the new limit.

When using the requestAllTrades I get something similar to the below (obviously). This lacks the current price, average or not, of the stock.

Is there a way I can calculate the rough current price given the values below. Perhaps with opening_price_VWAP and PL?

“closeVWAP_timestamp”: “1454074721”,
“strike”: “41.5”,
“open_or_closed”: “closed”,
“expir”: “Dec15”,
“openVWAP_timestamp”: “1454074721”,
“underlying”: “CF”,
“closing_price_VWAP”: “0.00000”,
“putcall”: “put”,
“component_signals”: [
“symbol”: “CF1511X41.5000”,
“signalid”: “99996427”,
“action”: “STO”,
“quant”: “1”,
“instrument”: “option”,
“tradeprice”: “0.370000”,
“tradedwhen”: “2015-12-07 11:58:03”
“symbol”: “CF1511X41.5000”,
“signalid”: “99996490”,
“action”: “BTC”,
“quant”: “1”,
“instrument”: “option”,
“tradeprice”: “0.000000”,
“tradedwhen”: “2015-12-11 00:00:00”
“quant_closed”: “1”,
“markToMarket_time”: “”,
“opening_price_VWAP”: “0.37000”,
“trade_id”: “99996428”,
“symbol”: “CF1511X41.5000”,
“quant_opened”: “1”,
“closedWhen”: “2015-12-11 00:00:00”,
“instrument”: “option”,
“ptValue”: “100”,
“PL”: “37”,
“closedWhenUnixTimeStamp”: “1449810000”,
“openedWhen”: “2015-12-07 11:58:03”,
“long_or_short”: “short”,
“symbol_description”: null

I figured it out. It’s the following:

((PL / opening_price_VWAP) / quant_opened) + opening_price_VWAP

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