Stoploss adjustments

I have been successfully in up loading trades to the C2 system using signal entry API.

What I am having a problem with is stoploss adjustments. I was practicing intra-day adjustments. Each time I send a stoploss adjustment, the C2 turns around and sells it at market. My URL code looks correct, because it is getting entered into the C2 database. It’s the stoploss I am having a problem with. What am I doing wrong?

SSHORT LVS $42.40 with stoploss of 42.62 (using signal entry API) at 15:47 ( I inadvertently left a limit of $40.41, is this the problem?)

Here is the adjustment.

action should be BTC on a short position?



Chad -

the &stoploss= parameter can only be used for an "all-in-one" (entry order plus bracket stop and profit target) order.

I think you want to change &stoploss= to


That ought to do the trick.

Thanks, I knew it was something simple.