Important Notice (You may lose your right to invest in leveraged/inverse funds)

I just got an email from my broker with a special notice from Profunds. Here is the link to the notice:

The SEC is considering severely limiting access to or preventing people from buying leveraged and inverse funds. Please enter your comments ( before the comment period closes on March 24, 2020.


Thanks for posting. I responded to their SEC comments. The overall retail broker will probably support banning leveraged funds because investors have been migrating away from traditional mutual funds toward index investing. Statistics show that most mutual funds will not outperform the market. Leveraged ETF’s is another tool that investors can use to trade the broader index. I hope every investor and trader on C2 would respond and support leveraged ETF trading.


Thanks for posting your comments to the SEC, Arbi, I hope a lot of people from C2 will do so as well. I agree with your outlook and am afraid these leveraged and inverse funds will be set aside for “qualified investors,” just like hedge funds are.