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TOS Platform Transmit

I am setting up platform transmit using Tradestation, utilizing a multi symbol futures day trading strategy that I auto trade in my live account. This should give me the TOS badge, right?

Hello BengtBerg,

This will not give you an icon TOS. To get the badge, you need to issue an additional subscription for $ 390 per year for 1 strategy. Then you will have an icon TOS.


Not sure I follow, please clarify…

Hello @BengtBerg

In order to get TOS badge this way, you need to subscribe to your own strategy (subscription is free) but you still have to pay an AutoTrade License. Please read:

  • switch to Investors Plans
  • check monthly and annual fees and features

If you have any further question, feel free to contact us directly at

I hope this helps,

So does that mean I need to open a secondary brokerage account or can I do it in the same TS account that generates the signals?

Hi, BengtBerg:

There are two ways to achieve Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS) certification:

  1. Subscribe to your own strategy and AutoTrade it, just like any other subscriber.
  2. Use BrokerTransmit to “drive” your Model Account at C2.

Unfortunately, TradeStation (the brokerage firm) is not compatible with C2 AutoTrading technology, so that means you can’t use your TradeStation brokerage account for either option #1 or #2. (You can, however, use our PlatformTransmit technology along with your TradeStation EasyLanguage script to “drive” your Model Account here at Collective2. However, you will still need to AutoTrade that your strategy at a broker where C2 can see what’s happening in your account and thus can certify that you are trading your own strategy.)

So, yes, this does mean that, to get TOS Certification, you will need to have a C2-autotrade-compatible brokerage account somewhere. (Then you can use that account to follow your own strategy, regardless of the method you use to submit buy/sell signals that drive your strategy’s Model Account.)

I know this is a painful limitation, not to mention a bit convoluted, and I wish I had an easier answer for you.

I read somewhere that in this situation there was also an option to send in the statements in order to get verification, not sure if that’s still a thing, but gotta be a more efficient way to do this

Sorry, that’s not something we support. You’ll need to have a C2-compatible brokerage account to be TOS-certified.

Well that’s a bugger, looks like I will go the IBKR route then…

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