Improved TradeStation Interface

If you use TradeStation to generate your trading signals, be sure to check out our new, improved TradeStation interface. It allows your TradeStation to enter signals into C2 automatically.

If you used the TradeStation Interface before and want to try agin, be aware that we changed the way you need to configure your TradeStation. In particular, make sure TradeStation is set to alert C2 for the following: New Strategy Alert, Strategy Order Filled, Strategy Order Canceled. (Previously, only the first of these was needed.)

Please see the docs at


Is there anyone else here having a problem setting up the TradeStation interface? I basically get stuck on configuring and testing the email notification. I configured my email notification preferences as outlined in the setup guide and attempt to send a test message. However, a blank dialogue box (I assume it’s a error message) pops up and I can’t continue with those settings. Anyone have any thoughts or run into this problem?