TradeStation Interface Changes

If you use the TradeStation Interface, please read this message.

(The TradeStation Interface is used by trading system developers who generate their signals using TradeStation, and want TradeStation to “post” trades into Collective2 automatically).

I have changed the configuration instructions ( for the TradeStation interface. Now, I ask all users to configure their TradeStation Messaging so that you use your own ISP’s SMTP server, and not the Collective2 SMTP server. This will substantially increase the performance of your TradeStation system and will also increase the reliability of your signal generation. (It will prevent signals from getting “lost” during busy periods.)

There will be a grace-period of several weeks in which the old configuration will be still permitted. However, I strongly encourage you to change your TradeStation settings as soon as possible (and to test the new settings using the TEST button that TradeStation provides – please see the instructions on the above-referenced Collective2 Web page).

If you have any questions, let me know.