Income generator

TEST OF TIME: It has been 4.5 years since “Income Generator” was launched on C2. The system is performing as per predictions at inception. Since inception the system has grown 57.7%. It has taken 443 trades. Out of these 443 trades 430 have been closed. All the closed trades were positive with no losing closed trade. That gives the system 100% success rate on closed trades. The remaining 13 trades are open with 3 positive and 10 negative. These open trades ill be closed once they reach a predetermined target. There was one period of 64.45 drawdown but the author was in control of the open trades even during that time. A system which challenges the normal standard teachings of Forex and is offers alternate, low risk method of trading with very little computer time required for trade management.

If I bought and held S&P500 I would have better results. This system earned about 50% through 4,5 years with DD 64%!!.