Test Of Time

INCOME GENERATOR: The system has successfully completed its 4 years of being offered to the C2 community. Income generator has stood the Test of Time & has gained 56% since inception. A Total of 425 trades have been taken. Out of these 414 have been closed. It is important to note that all closed trades have been positive with no losing closed trade. There are currently 11 open trades, 2 positive & 8 negative these will be harvested once they reach a preset level. The system takes long term trades and requires minimal computer time. There was one period of 64% drawdown in 2011, but even during that period the author was in control of the system. The log is available for the community to see & review and it does list majority of trades as low risk.

I am surprised there is another Income Generator system that trades stock. My system though have the same name is a different one & has the ID (47725048)