4th Anniversary

Income Generator has recently completed 4 years of its existence on Collective2. Over these years the system has generated consistent results and has performed as per projections 4 years back. The system has closed 415 trades during this period and i am pleased to inform that all these trades were positive. There was not a single closed trade that was negative. Currently there are 13 open trades, 8 negative and 5 positive. These open trades are being managed and will be closed when they reach a predetermined level. The system has a 56.5% growth since inception. There was one period of drawdown of about 64% but even during that period the author was in control of the trades. This system challenges the normal standard teachings of forex and has its own ingenious rules. These standards are developed by the author and are not discussed on this forum. Another beauty of this system is that it requires minimum follow up. The analysis, review and follow up of the trades does not require excessive computer time. 30 minutes twice a day is what it requires at the most. World events and news have minimal affect on the trades if any.

Thanks Mike for your compliments

INCOME GENERATOR - The new system page is more appealing than the old one. Thanks Matthews