Income generator

INCOME GENERATOR: It has been about 4 years since I made my system available on collective 2 & it seems to be a good time for me to do a self analysis. At the onset my goal was to have long term system that is consistent and does not require a lot of screen time and I am happy that my system results reflect those. This system is not out there competing against other systems but maintains its own uniqueness among thousands of other systems on collective2. There are many systems that might have better results & stats than mine, but income generator fulfills the objectives set forth by me about 4 year ago. I have taken 414 trades and have closed 404 trades. All closed trades have been successful. Currently 10 trades are open 9 negative and one positive. These open trades will be closed once they reach the required profit limit. The growth has been 53.5% since inception & it only takes about 15 minutes twice a day at the most to plan, execute and monitor these trades. Some of the trades stay open for months & sometimes a year as this is long term trading system. There was one incidence of 67% drawdown but during that time also the author was in control of the trades. The entry, exit, position size are proprietary and require some calculations which are known only to the developer.