Incorrect price for TLAB Jan14 2 call

My long position of TLAB Jan14 2 call price is "0" while real price is 1.5.[LINKSYSTEM_77172431]

We’re not getting any kind of price on the January 2014 TLAB call. The problem may be temporary. As an aside, I see there hasn’t been any trade in this option since 12/17. Do you see any real-life bid/asks being posted for this currently?

The price for this option at OptionsXpress is 1.20*1.30. The new symbology for this option is TLAB1 Jan14 2 call. Thank you.

Hi Matthew,

Please, correct the ticker for the TLAB options in my account. It is grossly impacting my results.[LINKSYSTEM_77172431]

Hi Ilkhomjon:

The problem was that the numeral "1" in the TLAB1 underlying was making the C2 option-name decoding software barf. I think this is fixed now. Sorry.