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PlatformTransmit is sending the completely wrong price

Hello all,

I’ve entered a help desk ticket for this but gotten nothing but crickets. I’ve paid to have platformtransmit functionality and I waned my strategy to be in the running for a C2 star, so I’ve paid of for that as well.

However, the the platform transmit sends completely incorrect fill prices during some signals. For example, my MNQ signal will enter at 9015 at trade station but the price of 9102 will get sent to collective2. This is just completely wrong and I’m upset I’ve paid for this and not gotten any support.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation? Can anything be done with the plugin to correct the issue?

Chris - I’ll ask the Help Desk to reply to this a bit quicker (sorry!)… however I want to state for the record that you don’t get to choose which prices you fill at. We use real-time bid/ask spreads to determine hypothetical fills. Are you using real-time prices on your TradeStation account? If yes, then the fill you see at TradeStation and the fill marked by C2 should be pretty close. If you do not have real-time pricing at TradeStation, or if you are using last prices rather than bid/asks, then the explanation may simply be that.

I’ll let the Help Desk follow up to help get to the bottom of this.

The prices being sent aren’t even remotely close to where the price is at the time of signal transmission. They are off by like 50-60 ticks at times.


I am investigating your trades, signals right now and get back to you asap.

I haven’t heard anything back on this issue. Is it still being looked in to? Is it better to use the API to send signals? That looks like it costs more per month.

Also, if this issue were to get resolved, is there anyway my strategy can get reset without having to pay?

Since i use platform transmit as well I can chime in that there is a slight delay of a few seconds between platform transmit and when it gets executed. The execution will be at market price even if you had it on limit. On low liquidity instruments such as mnq or others this could be quite a bit of slippage specially if there are any sudden drops or rises or any time the market is moving fast.

On instruments such as ES it’s noticeable but no where near as bad as nq/mnq. But that’s the cost of doing business with market orders as your subscribers will be executed on, hence it is realistic.

Tomas, I am aware of this ‘delay’ as an attempt to approximate slippage. However, the platform transmit is sending a price that is vastly different from anything close to the bid/ask.

Here is a trades station order:
05/12/20 01:24:17 PM MNQM20 Sell 1 1 0 Market 9,266.00 Filled

Here is the broker sync:
C2 | POS | SYNC | Account=SIM1116683F-TS9-128877398 | Symbol=@MNQM0 | Action=Sell.ToOpen | Qty=1 | Price=9313.75 | Time=2020-05-12 13:25:41 | C2SignalID=128984532

(9313.75-9,266.00) * 4 = 191 ticks! I’m sorry, but that’s just completely wrong.

This is definitely an issue and in no way represent real world slippage. Collective2 doesn’t have an answer fo the problem but it is a problem. No resonable person could argue 191 ticks slippage makes any sense.

Your instance that it is working as it should just adds to the frustration from the lack of response from Collective2.

well i took a look at the price at the timestamp you had up there and NQ was trading at 9313 area roughly. It was no where near 9266 and haven’t been for over 3 hours. So it’s something with Tradestation or the c2 module on tradestation.

I will take a guess here, because there is one scenario that this could happen. Did you just turn on Tradestation around that time or was platform transmit module off previous and you just turned it on? any orders will execute at market price no matter what is the fill on tradestation side.

I had been running for hours. Some trades get transmitted correctly. Others are wildly off; as this trade was.

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