Indices Futures

I have been experimenting this strategy, with a “following trend” method, and if there is no trend, trying to catch intraday movement.
It is discretionary, and aggressive to look for maximum profit.
So I define it as high risk and high reward.

Here is my previous post that explained my strategy:

Because I have been experimenting a strategy that can work in all kinds of situation.
Everyone knows market has two directions:up and down.
But I guess very few know that actually market has 3 directions:up trend, down trend and no trend.
had a strategy that could work great in either up trend or down
trend.But if there is no trend, my strategy would lose money.Because the
basic principle of this strategy is if market goes my way,I would not
take profit, but let profit run.
If market go back, I would cut loss.
This principle work great in either up trend or down trend. But when
there is no trend, market just doesn’t go ahead, it just go forth and
back.When I goes forth, I don’t take profit.When it goes back, I cut
So in a no trend situation, this strategy doesn’t sell at a
profit, but only sell at a loss.That’s why this strategy doesn’t work if
there is no trend.
I experimented a lot of strategies, to tried to make them able to deal with up trend, down trend, and no trend.
That’s why you see I had so many strategies and then abandoned them.
But the latest strategy, Indices Futures, is successful and I guess it can deal with all kinds of situation. ,

Here is someone’s message and my reply:

Hi, you suddenly changed the trade size to 4 or higher contracts. can you make the trade size back to 1 so it’s easier to trade.

I don’t trade same size all the time, when I increase trade size, it
means I am most certain that I am in the right direction.When I find
situation is less certain, I will be back to smaller size.
If you are not comfortable with larger size, you can set your size at
small size all the time. For example, if you take half of my size, you
get 10%+ monthly return and 8% DD.
On the other side, when I trade larger size, I have tight stop in my mind,so the downside actually is small.
For a 40000 account, trade 4 contracts, that is equal to 10000 account
trade 1 contract.It is not too large size.many strategies trade much
bigger than my size.

I have included a 7 days free trial for this strategy.