Introducing: overnight trader

Overnight Trader is a mix of auto and discretionary signals. The average number of trades per day is 5, sometimes none. My main goal here at C2 is to build myself a track record in hopes of getting recruited by a hedge fund or get funded by an investor. The software platform I use is Ninjatrader to send orders to C2. Instruments traded are emini futures NQ and ES. Not interested in other products. The minimum capital recommendation is $50,000 USD. Read my system description for more details about sizing.

Currently looking for serious members to evaluate my trading. FIRST 5 subscribers who are willing to help evaluate my system for 3 months will get those 3 months waived. It will be on a first come basis. In exchange, AFTER 3 MONTHS or more if needed, put a word out there and write an honest review of my trading. That’s it for now and…

Great Trading!

System Description

  1. no average down
  2. risk per trade with fixed stops are 0.5-1.11% ($50k account)
  3. average Intraday drawdown is less than 2%. On special events like FOMC and employment situation, intra drawdown is 2-5%.
  4. average up and sizing up as equity increases
  5. Scale in allowed without surpassing above risk levels.
  6. Not suitable for 1 lot trading. Minimum 2 lots.