Investing not Trading

Not until it has years of performance. Too small sample size to judge your methods if only 5 per year.
Good luck.

@MethodOne, you probably won’t need to wait a few years if you system can generate lower drawdowns versus profits. ie. if your system can make 5% monthly gains vs 1% drawdowns you may not have to wait long.

But at the same time if the strategy holds products for long periods of time most likely will sustain large drawdowns unless you can find a trend.

This is really a business decision you need to make. You have to ask yourself if the system is good enough for subs to subscribe. And like all businesses you will have to make a little investment yourself. In other words, there are no free rides in this world.

Or why don’t you come up with a strategy that shows profits in a shorter timeframe?

Anyways…good luck!

You will not find a lot of candidates for system with 50% drawdown.

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Um yeah. 50% drawdown isn’t going to get you any subscribers without a 200% return. Even then you are reaching.