Market returns on a strategy

Hi everyone
I am just confused as to finding a strategy without long periods of draw down that constantly beats market bench marks. Lets say return is 30% annual. I trade with a group of traders for 6 months now, although involved in self learning on ninja trader for 10 more years. Strategy is focused heavily on risk and money management. We have not had a draw down week, let alone a month for 8 years now. Can a strategy be that good, yes it can be, but you wont find it easily. I searched every page on the internet to find it. 6 month later, 4 drawn down days and just winning streaks, due to money management being the key. A trader I know started with 600 micro account a month ago and now trades 3 standard contracts. Starting with a 2500 account balance, 31st of april to 31st of June 2020, the balance is now 18,550. I will post a week of trading here soon in real time, just to show it can be done and money can be made. Manually managing every trade, and not changing anything in your system, apart from profit targets can create amazing traders or a system.
Here are results of last trading day
NQ. Short. 30 ticks
ES. Short. 8 ticks
ES. Long. 24 ticks
ES. Short, 40 ticks
CL, long. 25 ticks.
I dont take crude trades. Every day is almost identical to this one. Happy to post few weeks trading in real time results.
Wont disclose anything else.
Do you guys think my system will do well here?? Not sure if I will become a leader yet, will see.
Thanks for reading my post

Hi Serg,

A profit of 30% per year is of little interest to anyone here, but 200-300-500% per year of honey bees will flock to honey. But as history shows, all these gigantic profits end in disaster. Therefore, only totalitarian risk control is needed, and this is a reasonable profit of 20-30% per year, which is of interest to a small group of people. That’s it. This is sad.


A lot of traders come to this forum describing how bright was there trading past. No drawdowns longer than a week, steady income, etc. Unfortunately they can not show that results here at C2. So if you will prove your statements like

with the active C2 strategy, not simply posting some stuff here on the forum, than you will find your subscribers.

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Hi Sergei,

From reading your post, it’s not clear to me what the expected return of your system is:

  • “Lets say return is 30% annual”
  • “2500 account balance, 31st of april to 31st of June 2020, the balance is now 18,550” (i.e. 700% in 3 months)

However, it is clear that you are very focused on minimizing drawdowns:
“6 month later, 4 drawn down days and just winning streaks”

I think you’ll find a following if that is your focus. However, I assume most people would want to see several months of performance before they subscribe to a strategy. A few weeks of realtime data is likely not enough.

I hope you decide to give it a try. Good luck!

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I doubt you will get any subscribers with only 1 week of trading. We have all seen systems that have performed well for a few months and then collapse. I would guess at least keep a 3 month track record before there are any subscribers unless your fees are low.

Good luck.

Agreed. The only people who get subscribers after 1 week are those that brought them here, or that showed 40% return in a week (only to crash and burn the next week most likely).

A 30% annual return, inclusive of fees, is interesting for investors. But with that kind of return you’ve got to show hopefully some kind of non-correlation to the markets and a low drawdown.

If you system is as good as you think, just run it here and you will get subscribers after 3-6 months of good performance. No advertising needed. Just do well and the money will eventually follow.

Good luck.