Is anyone making money?

Hello one and all,

I’m new to Collective2, and it looks like a unique and downright fascinating system. I am putting my own Forex portfolio together, and the thought occured to me: you can track the (hypothetical) performance of various Systems, but can you not track the actual performance of various Portfolios? Is there a way to monitor the performance of other traders’ Portfolios…see what works and what doesn’t in the real world?

I guess the real question is this: is anyone out there making consistent, real profits with their monetized Portfolios?



To ask would open a pandora’s box, around here, I think. It is my professional opinion that the trades you see on here, especially for forex and futures systems, are nearly identical to what you’d get, with stocks having some liquidity issues for vendors that are actually trading their own systems, as I have seen mostly positive slippage but still slippage compared to my brokerage accounts.


you can click the “Show real trades…” link on system page to see the real execution prices. However there are some problems with this feature which I’ve commented here:

"…the total is not even close to the number presented under the “Statistics” heading. I think this is because there are many trade lines where net and cumu column value is empty. Can you please fix this. Thanks."

- Panu

About two years ago, I blogged about my experiences as a subscriber to several systems ( I could certainly encourage others to do the same, as it gives yourself a realistic picture of your abilities to pick winning systems. I wasn’t very good at that…

I eventually decided to build my own system instead, which has made me a very nice profit so far. If I look back now at the systems I subscribed to at the time, I would have lost quite some money if I had continued those subscriptions:

- Weekend Trader


- Trend Plays #1

Glad you realized that, ST. But I’m sure you’d be using a system STOP. Anything else would be unscientific (lol).

FYI - beautiful system!