Is C2 an adequately funded production ready system?

Some of the issues I’ve experienced while using C2:

  • Wildly inaccurate marking to market (positions in going concerns being marked to 0p and also executnig at 0p and then being valued at market i.e. free money!).
  • Executing trades on Christmas day.
  • No response to any communications regarding issues.

I’m wondering if C2 is a serious system that wants to reflect trades correctly or if it’s a bit of a “side project” that’s taken off?

Hi Graham

I apologize for my slow response to your trouble ticket. I’ll get your issues with the London stock pricing solved this AM. More shortly…

Thank you for your response (offline) Matthew,

Can I add random and frequent NAK’ing for syntactically correct orders? Again, I’ve reported this happening before - ages ago - and it’s still happening…

Is your code thread safe?

2016-01-08 08:00:35,907 INFO [BatchExecutor-2] batch.Trader ( - ‘{
“apikey”: “”,
“systemid”: “”,
“action”: “STC”,
“quant”: 1,
“symbol”: “LSE.GPOR”,
“typeofsymbol”: “stock”,
“limit”: 0,
“duration”: “DAY”

2016-01-08 08:00:36,049 ERROR [BatchExecutor-2] batch.Trader ( - Order submit NAK:
“ok” : “0”,
“error” : {
“title” : “Invalid JSON”,
“message” : “Unable to parse as JSON. Check for dangling commas, uneven brackets, and bad hygiene.”

Better to send this to help@ with full JSON parameters, and all specific details.

What do you mean by “all specific details”? What is missing that you need to know to trouble shoot this problem?

Here’s my original email from last year. This shouldn’t be hard to track down though as I get about 16 or 17 orders randomly NAKing every day.

Graham Bygrave, Dec 21, 03:19
This morning, this order NAK’d. Can you tell me why?
apikey: XXXXX,
systemid: 97588023,
action: BTC,
quant: 86,
symbol: LSE.ELM,
typeofsymbol: stock,
limit: 2.205,
duration: DAY

This was received by help@ however I got a response talking about fills (which this has nothing to do with, clearly).

The majority of orders flow throw, but the seemingly random nature of rejections leads me to suspect this is a threading issue.

I note your system NAK’d all my orders again this morning. And I still have no resolution to the previous random NAKing since 21st Dec.