C2 Errors galore

Last night the system once again bought when I was actually giving sell orders. I had to reverse in order to fix the problem. Today it has posted a chart for one of my systems that is silly.

Please Fix

Kurt -

I’m quite certain that C2 doesn’t change orders from BUY to SELL.

If you have a particular question or complain about a specific trade, please use our trouble ticket system to point to the trade. Instructions can be found here:





T R Y I N G to get things fixed here via a trouble ticket doesn’t really work on a timely consistent basis. This is why people post here on the dash board. It gets things fixed.

Once again last night when I put in a sell stop it placed it as a buy at market. I know you do not want to believe it but that is what happened… A G A I N. As long as you deny it …it will not be fixed. This does not occur all of the time, of course but it did occur this time again.

Kurt - Part of the reason the trouble ticket system is helpful is because it allows users to point to specific trades in an automated way. Otherwise, I must have an exchange here with you that goes like this:

"What trade was that?"

"What system are you talking about?"

"What symbol?"

"What time did the trade occur?"

"Wait… what time zone are you in?"

etc. etc.

So please humor me and use the ticket system.


While your answer seems logical, its really not.when we get to reality.I would rather that the errors not occur to begin with.

Lets look at the chart is futures income. This is an error that is common and reported here often. How many lines of code would it take for C2 to catch an error in a system having a total value change of greater than 100% in less than one minute?

As for the other errors…I run two systems…when did I reverse last night? Oh by the way some of them were placed as Market order sells and they still bought. This was after I got several of those warning screens telling me a sell stop was about to be hit.

Kut -

As much I’d love to be able to do detective work and practice the art of Holmesian logical deduction every time a system creator reports an issue, I have found it much more efficient to ask people to just point to the specific trades they are asking about using the trouble ticket system.