Is it ethical to clone someone's strategy name (Small Account)?

It seems Strategy Managers really love prefix “small”. Four more strategies started after Small Account Futures with similar names.
Here is original Small Account aka Small Account Futures.

Good luck to cloners.

thanks for the free advertisement. I am the owner of two of those strategies.
This was created way back in 2013 - Did you ‘clone’ from this strategy? the words ‘small’ and ‘account’ do not have a patent on your name, do they?

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I don’t think so your strategy was active at all. small and account are not patented and you are free to use. However if someone create startegy name Small Account ES Trader, Small Account NQ Trader or Small Account beta after seeing “Small Account Futures” on C2 for more than 100 days than it seems little unetheical and copy.
But all good. Hey I did free promotion for you so thank me.

i saw it now - ‘ticking time bomb’ would be a better name :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yep please keep that name for your strategy. It would be at least original. Don’t be mad some people don’t have an ability to think of original ideas. Lifelong they just copy and clone. Good luck for your strategy though. 2013 it was terrible hope u have enough knowledge and expertise now. Good Luck once again.

Alright, now I understand why you wanted to patent ‘Small Account’ name to yourself. You are proving to be a master at making any trading account to really a ‘SMALL ACCOUNT’, and that too real fast! :rofl: :rofl:


Finally you agreed that it was my original name. Now u better change yours.

right on the money,wasn’t it?!

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market sucks all juice from him this week…LOL
killed fat “pig” after 6 months growing)


Make sure you come back here and write some poetry when we come back at the same level.

We will outperform most of the strategies here when the market rebounds. stay tuned keep watching.

brilliant strategy you got there!

For the sake of the subscribers who followed you, I hope market rebounds and they get a chance to unsubscribe (if they have not done it yet) before their account is wiped out

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am sure the subscribers are writing the poetry for you as we speak :rofl:

Thanks for the entertainment , mate


That’s the job of subscribers. But make sure you come back here and write something original instead of copying. I know you might some talent. Give it a try.

you still hope for some subscribers after 70% drawdown in few days? good luck!
oh well, hope is what your strategy is about. So yeah hope for the best

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These choppy markets over the past few months have been challenging for more than a few strategies on here. My original strategy has taken a beating and I have communicated the adjustments going forward to my subscribers. Right now it is free so we will see when the fee starts next month. No matter what I will continue it and not reset it for a clean slate. I want an open track record. Good luck to all.

Sure, I understand and drawdown is part of every strategy. ( not like that 70% though :rofl: :rofl:, he has strategies with 80/100 percent dd as well - he is dd expert ). You probably are in the wrong thread @NextLevelTrader :stuck_out_tongue:
I am just taking a dig at the topic creator as he pointed out my strategies’ name being copied from his. I had no idea of him nor his strategy at that time. But when he mentioned it, I looked at his strategy and I was sure the day would come when he will go bust (it was clear martingale). For subscribers’ sake, I hope it is not the end of his strategy and they get a chance to get out. But I suspect they might all have got margin calls already

Now I am just having some entertainment at his expense before the weekend starts :smiley:


Oh yeah. different subscribers are at different scaling so 70 percent does not translate equally to everyone. Example. if someone is scaling at 25% then he is only 70/4= 17.5 percent down. if someone is scaling at 50 percent then its’ 35 percent. Hope you know the maths. Strategy is not going anywhere it will stay here. Some subscribers will go some new will join.

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Haters, please keep checking.
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Are you registered with NFA/CFTC? If yes, you are fine, else I am not sure