Small Account Futures - Double digit growth month over month

Small Account Futures - Double digit growth month over month. It’s hard to achieve in current market conditions. FInger crossed for September.

Do you know if any of your trades were based on AutoTrade fills or BrokerTransmit issued fills?

It doesn’t matter actually beacuse my volume oof trades is very low and it’s not a day trading system like yours. Btw if any stratgey which returns less than index fund than we should just dump them.

Real fills are extremely important. If someone wants to see why or how to verify if the equity curve is based on real fills or simulated data only they can follow this guide here Basics to Avoid Disaster IMHO

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It only matters if your frequecy of trades are higher. I did broker trasit and platform trasit for my other strategy and it’s alright if frequency of your trades are low. Btw it’s ranking 105 right now. Don’t question C2 ranking system or panic in insecurity if you see it on top 10. I want to add one more criteria on deciding strategies. If any strategy is performing worst than your index fund than don’t even bohter the hassle.

Can you clarify which strategy used Broker Trasit? I’m not see which trades have the indicator showing this?

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It’s not even relevant as i mentioned in my previous commnent. But i am definitely curious about you now. Are worrying about your loosing trades, failing strategy and continues decline of subscribers? What’s your expected returns for your strategy?
Why should someone subscribe your strategy why they can simply buy index fund? This fund will give better returns and less hassle than your strategy.

When I ask a valid question about your strategy you say it isn’t relevant. I am trying to stay on the topic of your strategies since it is your thread. I don’t mind posting charts of each one of my strategies on here if that is really what you want even though I think it is totally irrelevant to a conversation about Small Account Futures.

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Let me ask you a diffrent question, Before guiding anyone else, have you subscribed anyone who doesn’t have platform /broker transit trades? Your claims and article is totally baseless and irrelveant and only applicable to very small audiance. As a system developer you don’t really need to use brokerage account in order to work it effectlively. Please don’t post anything which is misleading and not tested or validated by others. You are not guiding anyone here but solely focusing on increasing your subscribers and that is also not working well for you. Btw I used platform transit trades on avacado wealth startegy and stopped using it in May. I would be happy to cater your subscribers who are crying to be with you.

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I highly doubt anyone is going to subscribe to me or you because of this conversation. I bet almost no one is listening or reading except for entertainment if anything.

You are correct, I do not trust most track records that don’t have performance data based on real fills due to some of the problems you listed and others. I know for a fact I am not the only one that has this rule. That certainly isn’t the only rule, but it is an important one.

It makes sense that you were using PlatformTransmit and not BrokerTransmit since your strategy shows no real fills. PlatformTransmit doesn’t result in real fills being used on the strategy stats.

Once you get one AutoTrader it will start using real fills. Then I would certainly start to take into consideration your performance. You can speed up the process by subscribing to your own strategy and AutoTrading it. This will cost you about $50 a month though. Or if you have the right C2 plan you can use BrokerTransmit for no extra cost (Not Platform Transmit).

I am by no means the only person that only or primarily considers data based on real fills. It couldn’t hurt to have the Trades-Own-System badge. It certainly takes some extra effort, but if a leader isn’t willing to take that effort, I personally don’t feel comfortable subscribing. Furthermore, if there is no real fill data that means no one including the strategy manager has felt comfortable enough yet to AutoTrade the strategy.

Good luck I’m certainly done talking about it all for now.

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Sure you “would be happy” :slight_smile: , but looks like nobody is in a hurry to quit @InteractiveAssets to subscribe to your strategy.


Thanks for your suggestions but agian you are missing the point. My strategy have very low trade volume and it can be used easily with mannual entry. Couple of minutes price variations doesn’t impact my strategy hence it will remain profitable.

Good luck to you as well.

It would probably hurt. I mean the returns are completely unsustainable and the entire system is a ticking time bomb. But yeah, I would love to see it. :wink:


Hey Dog, I can understand your skepticism but hey keep checking every month.

The bigger question really is what you will do when it blows up. A 45% drawdown in 3 days in a calm market shows no risk control at all.

Make it private?
Come back with a new profile?

I guess we’ll see. :popcorn:


All valid questions and I think C2 should not allow anyone to make their strategy private, allow them to create new profile. You can see 48 drawdown in my strategy and every drawdown bring back new highs for the strategy. You see drawdowns i see growth opportunities.

You’ll soon learn that the message board will rarely bring a subscriber but will merely be a place to have male sword fights. Also a cool place to boast and make oneself feel better about whatever they’re sweating or pimping.
Seems the systems with the most subs are the quiet ones. Take a look, it’s true. And high drawdowns just won’t cut it out here. Sure you might get as many as 5 or 10 subs but you are not going to get wealthy on that, it’s a pretty conservative bunch.


I don’t judge nor hide or mislead anyone. Also I don’t pretend to be a subscriber and participate in forums to get more subscriber. I only care about my subscribers and how can i help them make more money. What’s your intentions? Why do you care if i get more subscribers or not. I am happy with any number of subscribers as long as they make money and take informed decisions. Most of the strategy managers with large subscribers don’t focus on subscribers returns because they make money from subscription fee. Subscribers are very smart, they flock from dead strategies to working ones. Clearly Small Account Futures is one of them.
Good luck with your strategy I pray for you.

You are an amazing person, so nice that you don’t care about money. Make it free for the people to rejoice in their riches. May GOD BLESS YOU

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I do care about money but I care more about my subscribers. We also run our strategy on striker and isystem. We are new to C2 platform and pretty confident that we will grow slowly and steadily one subscriber at a time.