Is this My Analyst entry for real?

"Making money but I noticed the owner hasn’t logged in since 2006. Is he/she even still around? Anyone could have got lucky and picked the eur/usd then lost interest or whatever and autopilot just keeps it in profits until the long term trend tops out. Either way, If you are a long term trader and you are in this one, keep your eye on a top and be ready to grab your profit and jump ship. "

Is this for real? A system started with 1 trade in 2006 and not logged on since, and someone is relying on this as an advisory? Can that trader be SO clueless?

Hehehe, this is very funny. Ingenious.

Which system was this for?

I can understand keeping a position in EUR since 2006, but I’d find it ridiculous to pay for a subscription to a system that does nothing! What system is it?

In theory, you can run a successful system without logging in to C2, using the API to enter signals. But it would still be very unusual to not log in for two years, at least to check out news, private messages, and so on.

Come on!! Of course the system isn’t a real “system”.

I’d take it as a message to the short-term trading community that essentially says “aah you fools, with your spending on technology and all the fancy tools, you’re all missing the point of what growing money is all about, here’s a trade for you, i promise it won’t go wrong for the next 5 years, adios”.

"What system is it? "

Ultimate Forex System. It appeared on the most recent "My Analyst" update list.

There are several weird stats on that system. The data shows almost 800% drawdown which the chart doesn’t, 80% chance of both 20% and 50% account loss, 73%+ of total account loss, and it shows no trading record. Besides, I don’t think any single forex trade could have made almost 400% gain in two years, at least not any of the available pairs.

It could have. If you leveraged the hell out of it. I.e. to achieve a 400% gain, you just need a 4% appreciation on 1:100 leverage.

I thought C2 stats didn’t take leverage into account because it can be different for each user.

Of course it does. How else would I have been able to buy for example 60 minilots (60 * 10,000 = 600,000) worth of USD/CHF into my $100,000 dollar account?

(If you don’t believe me, check out my system’s or any other fx system’s closed positions list.)

Yeah, I guess it’s necessary in forex. I think I read somewhere that it was fixed at 1:20 though. But you’re right, some currency pair could have changed 20% in two years and achieve a 400% growth with leverage. There’s still some strange stuff on that system’s page though!