It is easy to scam collective

Hello All, it seam be easy to send trades in a ninja trader replay mode to collective2 and all people see it as real trades. So for me I ca nreplay the market when the real trading was successful every day only the best trades. so this is possible and very easy with NT. So my questions to collective how they can make a different with real trades and replay trades from NT???

I think you misunderstand how C2 works. We don’t let you “replay” trade signals from NinjaTrader. C2 simply keeps track of your buys and sells, and records the prices at which you buy and sell in real time, on a go-forward basis. Whether your buys/sells are initiated by Ninja Trader, or by a random number generator, or by your reading the Sybilline Oracles, doesn’t change the fact that you don’t know the future. C2 records your performance based on real-time data that you can’t possibly know in advance.

I suggest you let him try to scam folks using his approach. You’ll collect the system registration fees and he’ll learn a valuable lesson.

Sybilline Oracles - love it.